The ATC Approval Office will be glad to work with you if you are not sure that you meet the requirements for a specific course.  This process is not a preapproval and should not be used if you have received approval for the same course at an earlier date. In order to accurately evaluate a teacher’s credentials for approval of a particular course, the approval office requires a transcript and detailed work experience, if applicable.  While an official transcript must be on file prior to approval, prescreening can be accomplished using a student copy or a copy from the school district’s personnel file. If the teacher is eligible for the requested courses, an official copy of the transcripts must be on file before final approval can be granted.

Steps for Prescreening:

1. You will need to have these documents available to submit to our office for prescreening:

A. Unofficial transcript that shows the degree received, the date the degree was received, and the major of the degree

B. Supplemental Employment Form - You will need to complete this form before submitting your prescreening application. You will find this form with this link.

C. Any other documentation that you may deem relevant to your course request(s).


2. Once you have these documents, you will complete the ATC Prescreening Form and submit this electronically to the ATC Approval Office. You will attach the required documents to this form. We will review your information and you will be notified by email of your approval status. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your request to be processed.

Remember: If you have been approved for the same courses at an earlier date, your form will not be reviewed. Please check your current approval list to see which courses you already have.


3. You will need to bring your confirmation of prescreening approval to your Part II training session. All forms at the training session will need to be completed before we can finalize your approvals.


Things to Remember:

1. We do not need you to submit copies of previous ATC approvals or your teacher certifications (SBEC).

2. Approval for one course does not guarantee approval for another course.

3. Teachers are subject to current ATC guidelines. Previous approval for similar courses does not guarantee approval in current courses.

4. While we will prescreen your requests based on an unofficial transcript, we must have an official copy of your transcript on file before we can officially approve your course requests.

Contact Information:

If you have questions, please send an email to Thank you.