WECM Appendix

CIP Rubric Number Course Name Semester
Credit Hrs
Cont Hrs
Cont Hrs
51.1613 VNSG 1323 Basic Nursing Skills 3 64 128
51.1613 VNSG 1423 Basic Nursing Skills 4 64 128


CIP Code: 51.1613  (Licensed Practical /Vocational Nurse Training (LPN, LVN, Cert, Dipl, AAS)
Course Title: Basic Nursing Skills
Course Level: Introductory
Course Description: Mastery of entry level nursing skills and competencies for a variety of health care settings. Utilization of the nursing process as the foundation for all nursing interventions.
Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate competency in basic nursing skills; identify the steps in the nursing process and how each relates to nursing care; and discuss the delivery of basic nursing skills in a variety of health care settings.
Licensure/Certification Agency: Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners
Lab Recommended