ATC Teacher Requirements

Non-degreed individuals will not be eligible for ATC approval.

Teachers must meet one of the two following requirements to be approved to teach a course for Advanced Technical Credit:

Requirement 1: The teacher must have a baccalaureate degree or higher with a major in the teaching discipline.
Requirement 2: The teacher must have a minimum of an associate degree and 3 years verifiable non-teaching work experience directly related to the teaching discipline.

The teaching discipline is the subject area for the ATC course you wish to teach.  For example, the teaching discipline for "Principles of Marketing" would be marketing; the teaching discipline for "Computer Applications" would be computers.


ATC Official Transcript Reminder

The ATC program must have an official transcript from every teacher seeking ATC approval beginning with the 2010-2011 school year. By definition, an official transcript is one that has been received directly from the issuing institution. It must bear the institution’s seal, an appropriate signature and a date.

Training sessions are underway and additional sessions have been scheduled. It is most important that the transcripts be received in a timely fashion as the ATC Approval office must process approximately 8,000 applications for the 2010-2011 school year. However, our office is only able to process approximately 10% of the applications that have been received and must send a transcript request to the other 90%. Of course this drastically increases the time required to process these applications.

The following guidelines will assist teachers with this task.

  • The transcript must be official. If the teacher requests that it be mailed to them personally so they can forward it on to our office, DO NOT open the envelope when it arrives in the mail.
  • On the outside of the sealed envelope, print your current name, date-of-birth (mm/dd/yyyy), school district, and campus name.
  • Place the sealed transcript envelope into another envelope and mail it to our office after you complete a Part II training session.
  • If the teacher chooses to have the university send the transcript directly to the approval office, the teacher will need to notify our office by email that the transcript has been requested. This email should include the teacher’s current name, name listed on the transcript, date-of-birth (mm/dd/yyyy), school district, and campus name. It is imperative that we receive this information to avoid confusion of matching previous names with current names.
  • Only transcripts that show a degree received are required. It is not necessary to send transcripts showing only course work with no degree.

Official transcripts cannot be faxed or emailed. Copies from the school district’s HR department cannot be accepted.

Also, all teachers must complete a new Part I Online session. Even though a teacher’s approval list may show a valid Part I, it must be repeated since the session contains updated information regarding the TEKS rewrites, PEIMS, etc…

Transcripts should be mailed to:

Lone Star College

ATC Approval Office

1700 Millrace Drive

Building 11, 2nd Floor Rm 11242A

Eugene, OR 97403


Contact ATC Staff at ( if you have additional questions.



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If you think you will not be eligible and want to contact ATC Approval Office for additional information you may send an email to: