About ATC Training

About Training for the Advanced Technical Credit Program


Training for the ATC Program takes place in two parts: Part I and Part II.  Part I is a general session; Part II is course-specific.

  • Part I of ATC training is a ninety minute general session where the teacher will learn about the ATC Program.  Topics include the purpose of the program, the teacher requirements, and how students receive college credit through the program.  Click here to take Part I.
  • Part II of ATC training is a one hour session per requested course that provides information on the college course equivalent to the high school ATC course.  The training discusses how the curriculum of the high school course should be modified to match that of the college course.  Teachers wishing to be approved for more than one ATC course must take a separate Part II on line session for each course. In some areas, this training may be provided by local colleges in face to face meetings as a part of local articulation meetings.

Before you sign up for ATC training, please make sure that you meet the ATC Teacher Requirements.  You can find out about ATC training online sessions by signing up for the Part II Trainings listed on this website.

The last day to take ATC training to be ATC approved for the current school year is the third Friday in September.