Advanced Technical Credit Program

Statewide-Articulated High School Courses – School Year 2003-2004

For course prerequisites and equivalent college courses, refer to:


Course Code Course Name Course Abbreviation Course Notes
Agriculture Education
1193442T Agricultural Power and Machinery AGPWR-TP  
119344T3 Agricultural Mechanics II AGMEC2TP New for 2003-2004
Business and Office Education
1201120T Business Computer Information Systems I BCIS1-TP  
1202210T Accounting I BACCT-TP  
1202220T Banking and Financial Systems BFINS-TP Must accompany Accounting II
1202230T Business Image Management and Multimedia BIM&M-TP  
1202250T Business Management BMGMT-TP Must accompany Business Ownership
1202260T Business Ownership BOWNS-TP Must accompany Business Management
1202270T Telecommunications and Networking TLNET-TP  
1202280T Word Processing Applications WDPAP-TP  
1203110T Accounting II AACCT-TP Must accompany Banking and Financial Systems
1203130T Business Computer Information Systems II ABCIS-TP  
1203140T Business Computer Programming I BCP1-TP  
1203141T Business Computer Programming II BCP2-TP  
1203150T International Business INTB1-TP  
1209910T Administrative Procedures Career Preparation BECP1-TP  
1209930T Business Computer Information Systems II Career Preparation BCIS2-TP  
Health Science Technology Education
1210120T Introduction to Health Science Technology INTHS-TP Must accompany Medical Terminology
1210130T Health Science Technology I HSTI-TP  
1210140T Health Science Technology II HSTII-TP  
1210150T DELETED – Health science technology III HSTIIITP DELETED effective 2003-2004
1210151T Health Science Technology III Pharmacy Aide HST3PATP New for 2003-2004
1210152T Health Science Technology III EMT-Basic HST3EMTP New for 2003-2004
1210153T Health Science Technology III Medical Lab HST3MLTP New for 2003-2004
1210154T Health Science Technology III Vocational Nursing HST3VNTP New for 2003-2004
1210155T Health Science Technology III Medical Assisting HST3MATP New for 2003-2004
1210550T Health Science Technology Career Preparation II HST2CPTP  
1210650T DELETED – Health science technology career prep III HST3CPTP DELETED effective 2003-2004
1210651T Pharmacy Aide Career Preparation III HSCPPATP New for 2003-2004
1210652T EMT-Basic Career Preparation III HSCPEMTP New for 2003-2004
1210653T Medical Lab Career Preparation III HSCPMLTP New for 2003-2004
1210654T Vocational Nursing Career Preparation III HSCPVNTP New for 2003-2004
1210655T Medical Assisting Career Preparation III HSCPMATP New for 2003-2004
1212122T Medical Terminology MDTRM-TP Must accompany an additional ATC-articulated HST course
Family and Consumer Sciences Education
122900T1 Child Care and Guidance, Management, and Services Career Preparation I CCCP1-TP  
122900T2 Child Care and Guidance, Management, and Services Career Preparation II CCCP2-TP  
1229T003 Food Production, Management, and Services Career Preparation I FPCP1-TP  
1229T103 Food Production, Management, and Services Career Preparation II FPCP2-TP  
1229T203 Hospitality Services Career Preparation I HOCP1-TP  
1229T303 Hospitality Services Career Preparation II HOCP2-TP  
122T3210 Preparation for Parenting PRPAR-TP Must accompany an additional ATC-articulated FCS course
122T3310 Child Development CHDEV-TP Must accompany an additional ATC-articulated FCS course
122T3421 PL/Child Care and Guidance, Management, and Services I CHCR1-TP  
122T3422 PL/Child Care and Guidance, Management, and Services II CHCR2-TP  
122T4210 Nutrition and Food Science NFSCI-TP Must accompany Food Science and Technology
122T4310 Food Science and Technology FST-TP Must accompany Nutrition and Food Science
122T5221 PL/Food Production, Management, and Services I FPMS1-TP  
122T5222 PL/Food Production, Management, and Services II FPMS2-TP  
122T5321 PL/Hospitality Services I HOSP1-TP  
122T5322 PL/Hospitality Services II HOSP2-TP  
Technical Education
1234147T Computer Applications CA-TP  
1236262T Architectural Graphics AG-TP New for 2003-2004
1236263T Engineering Graphics EG-TP New for 2003-2004
1236267T Electricity/Electronics Technology EET-TP  
1236268T Computer Multimedia and Animation Technology CMAT-TP  
1238282T Principles of Technology I PTI-TP  
Marketing Education
1241T920 Entrepreneurship ENTRPRTP New for 2003-2004
1241T921 Principles of Marketing PRINMKTP New for 2003-2004
12421T52 Hotel Management HOTEL-TP  
12421T55 Travel and Tourism Marketing TRAV-TP  
1242T555 Marketing Management Career Preparation MECP-TP New for 2003-2004
12441T40 Marketing Dynamics Career Preparation MECP1-TP New for 2003-2004
Trade and Industrial Education
125117T1 Engineering Computer-Aided Drafting I ECAD-TP  
125117T2 Engineering Computer-Aided Drafting II ECAD2-TP  
125117T5 Technical Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting TICAD-TP  
125123T1 Media Technology I MEDT-TP  
125231T2 Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration II ACREF2TP New for 2003-2004
125345T1 Computer Cabling and Design CCD-TP  
125345T2 Computer Maintenance Technician I CMTN-TP  
125345T4 Introduction to Computer Maintenance ICM-TP  
125351T5 Telecommunications Technology IV TELES-TP  
125457T1 Hydraulics and Pneumatics HDNEU-TP  
125459T2 Instrumentation I INST-TP  
125459T3 Instrumentation II INST2-TP  
125467T1 Vocational Plastics I VOPLS-TP  
125469T1 Quality Control I QC-TP  
125471T1 AC/DC Electronics/Computer Systems ACDC-TP  
125471T3 Alternating Current Electronics ACE-TP  
125471T6 Direct Current Electronics DCE-TP  
125573T1 Machine Shop I MCHSP-TP  
125573T2 Machine Shop II MCHSP2TP  
125579T2 Welding II WLDNG2TP New for 2003-2004
125687T4 Crime in America CAM-TP New for 2003-2004
125687T7 Fundamentals of Criminal Law FNCRLATP New for 2003-2004
125687T8 Technical Introduction to Criminal Justice TICJ-TP New for 2003-2004
125795T2 Diesel Mechanics II DSLMC2TP  
12579T03 Automotive Technician II AUTO-TP Non-NATEF curriculum
12579TB3 Automotive Technician II AUTOBRTP NATEF curriculum – Brakes
12579TS3 Automotive Technician II AUTOSSTP NATEF curriculum – Suspension and Steering
Innovative Courses
N122T201 Intergenerational Professions I INPR1-TP  
N122T202 Intergenerational Professions II INPR2-TP  
N122T301 Early Childhood Professions I ECP1-TP  
N122T302 Early Childhood Professions II ECP2-TP  
N122T304 Elementary School Teacher Assistant ESTA-TP  
N122T305 Elementary School Teaching Internship ESTI-TP  
N122T307 Ready, Set, Teach! I TEACH1TP  
N122T308 Ready, Set, Teach! II TEACH2TP  
N122T309 Exploring Education Careers EXPED-TP  
N122T501 Culinary Arts I CUL1-TP  
N122T502 Culinary Arts II CUL2-TP  
N1242T55 Introduction to Travel and Tourism INTTRAVTP  
N1295T06 Internetworking Technologies I INNT1-TP Non-Cisco curriculum
N1295T09 Networking Essentials NPLUS-TP Non-Cisco curriculum
N1295T10 Fundamentals of the Internet INTPL-TP  
N1295TC6 Internetworking Technologies I INNTC1TP Cisco curriculum
N1295TC7 Internetworking Technologies II INNTC2TP Cisco curriculum
N1295TC9 Networking Essentials NPLUSCTP Cisco curriculum