Advanced Technical Credit Program

Statewide-Articulated High School Courses – School Year 2004-2005

For course prerequisites and equivalent college courses, refer to: ATC Articulated Course Crosswalk 2004-2005.


Course Code Course Name Course Abbreviation Course Notes
Agriculture Education
1193442T Agricultural Power and Machinery AGPWR-TP  
119344T3 Agricultural Mechanics II AGMEC2TP  
Business and Office Education
1201120T Business Computer Information Systems I BCIS1-TP  
1202210T Accounting I BACCT-TP  
1202220T Banking and Financial Systems BFINS-TP Must accompany Accounting II
1202230T Business Image Management and Multimedia BIM&M-TP  
1202250T Business Management BMGMT-TP Must accompany Business Ownership
1202260T Business Ownership BOWNS-TP Must accompany Business Management
1202270T Telecommunications and Networking TLNET-TP  
1202280T Word Processing Applications WDPAP-TP  
1203110T Accounting II AACCT-TP Must accompany Banking and Financial Systems
1203130T Business Computer Information Systems II ABCIS-TP  
1203140T Business Computer Programming I BCP1-TP  
1203141T Business Computer Programming II BCP2-TP  
1203150T International Business INTB1-TP  
1209910T Administrative Procedures Career Preparation BECP1-TP  
1209930T Business Computer Information Systems II Career Preparation BCIS2-TP  
Health Science Technology Education
1210120T Introduction to Health Science Technology INTHS-TP Must accompany Medical Terminology
1210130T Health Science Technology I HSTI-TP  
1210140T Health Science Technology II HSTII-TP  
1210150T DELETED – Health science technology III HSTIIITP DELETED effective 2003-2004
1210151T Health Science Technology III Pharmacy Aide HST3PATP  
1210152T Health Science Technology III EMT-Basic HST3EMTP  
1210153T Health Science Technology III Medical Lab HST3MLTP  
1210154T Health Science Technology III Vocational Nursing HST3VNTP  
1210155T Health Science Technology III Medical Assisting HST3MATP  
1210550T Health Science Technology Career Preparation II HST2CPTP  
1210650T DELETED – Health science technology career prep III HST3CPTP DELETED effective 2003-2004
1210651T Pharmacy Aide Career Preparation III HSCPPATP  
1210652T EMT-Basic Career Preparation III HSCPEMTP  
1210653T Medical Lab Career Preparation III HSCPMLTP  
1210654T Vocational Nursing Career Preparation III HSCPVNTP  
1210655T Medical Assisting Career Preparation III HSCPMATP  
1212122T Medical Terminology MDTRM-TP Must accompany an additional ATC-articulated HST course
Family and Consumer Sciences Education
122900T1 Child Care and Guidance, Management, and Services Career Preparation I CCCP1-TP  
122900T2 Child Care and Guidance, Management, and Services Career Preparation II CCCP2-TP  
1229T003 Food Production, Management, and Services Career Preparation I FPCP1-TP  
1229T103 Food Production, Management, and Services Career Preparation II FPCP2-TP  
1229T203 Hospitality Services Career Preparation I HOCP1-TP  
1229T303 Hospitality Services Career Preparation II HOCP2-TP  
122T3210 Preparation for Parenting PRPAR-TP Must accompany an additional ATC-articulated FCS course
122T3310 Child Development CHDEV-TP Must accompany an additional ATC-articulated FCS course
122T3421 PL/Child Care and Guidance, Management, and Services I CHCR1-TP  
122T3422 PL/Child Care and Guidance, Management, and Services II CHCR2-TP  
122T4210 Nutrition and Food Science NFSCI-TP Must accompany Food Science and Technology
122T4310 Food Science and Technology FST-TP Must accompany Nutrition and Food Science
122T5221 PL/Food Production, Management, and Services I FPMS1-TP  
122T5222 PL/Food Production, Management, and Services II FPMS2-TP  
122T5321 PL/Hospitality Services I HOSP1-TP  
122T5322 PL/Hospitality Services II HOSP2-TP  
Technical Education
1234147T Computer Applications CA-TP  
1236262T Architectural Graphics AG-TP  
1236263T Engineering Graphics EG-TP  
1236267T Electricity/Electronics Technology EET-TP  
1236268T Computer Multimedia and Animation Technology CMAT-TP  
1238282T Principles of Technology I PTI-TP  
Marketing Education
1241T920 Entrepreneurship ENTRPRTP  
1241T921 Principles of Marketing PRINMKTP  
12421T52 Hotel Management HOTEL-TP  
12421T55 Travel and Tourism Marketing TRAV-TP  
1242T555 Marketing Management Career Preparation MECP-TP  
12441T40 Marketing Dynamics Career Preparation MECP1-TP  
Trade and Industrial Education
125117T1 Engineering Computer-Aided Drafting I ECAD-TP  
125117T2 Engineering Computer-Aided Drafting II ECAD2-TP  
125117T5 Technical Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting TICAD-TP  
125123T1 Media Technology I MEDT-TP  
125231T2 Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration II ACREF2TP  
125345T1 Computer Cabling and Design CCD-TP  
125345T2 Computer Maintenance Technician I CMTN-TP  
125345T4 Introduction to Computer Maintenance ICM-TP  
125351T5 Telecommunications Technology IV TELES-TP  
125457T1 Hydraulics and Pneumatics HDNEU-TP  
125459T2 Instrumentation I INST-TP  
125459T3 Instrumentation II INST2-TP  
125467T1 Vocational Plastics I VOPLS-TP  
125469T1 Quality Control I QC-TP  
125471T1 AC/DC Electronics/Computer Systems ACDC-TP  
125471T3 Alternating Current Electronics ACE-TP  
125471T6 Direct Current Electronics DCE-TP  
125573T1 Machine Shop I MCHSP-TP  
125573T2 Machine Shop II MCHSP2TP  
125579T2 Welding II WLDNG2TP  
125687T4 Crime in America CAM-TP  
125687T7 Fundamentals of Criminal Law FNCRLATP  
125687T8 Technical Introduction to Criminal Justice TICJ-TP  
125795T2 Diesel Mechanics II DSLMC2TP  
12579T03 Automotive Technician II AUTO-TP Non-NATEF curriculum
12579TB3 Automotive Technician II AUTOBRTP NATEF curriculum – Brakes
12579TS3 Automotive Technician II AUTOSSTP NATEF curriculum – Suspension and Steering
Innovative Courses
N12372T1 Introduction to Engineering Design IED-TP PLTW pre-engineering program

New for 2004-2005

N12372T2 Digital Electronics DE-TP PLTW pre-engineering program

New for 2004-2005

N12372T4 Computer Integrated Manufacturing CIM-TP PLTW pre-engineering program

New for 2004-2005

N122T201 Intergenerational Professions I INPR1-TP  
N122T202 Intergenerational Professions II INPR2-TP  
N122T301 Early Childhood Professions I ECP1-TP  
N122T302 Early Childhood Professions II ECP2-TP  
N122T304 Elementary School Teacher Assistant ESTA-TP  
N122T305 Elementary School Teaching Internship ESTI-TP  
N122T307 Ready, Set, Teach! I TEACH1TP  
N122T308 Ready, Set, Teach! II TEACH2TP  
N122T309 Exploring Education Careers EXPED-TP  
N122T501 Culinary Arts I CUL1-TP  
N122T502 Culinary Arts II CUL2-TP  
N1242T55 Introduction to Travel and Tourism INTTRAVTP  
N1295T06 Internetworking Technologies I INNT1-TP Non-Cisco curriculum
N1295T09 Networking Essentials NPLUS-TP Non-Cisco curriculum
N1295T10 Fundamentals of the Internet INTPL-TP  
N1295TC6 Internetworking Technologies I INNTC1TP Cisco curriculum
N1295TC7 Internetworking Technologies II INNTC2TP Cisco curriculum
N1295TC9 Networking Essentials NPLUSCTP Cisco curriculum