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College Guide to the Advanced Technical Credit Program
August 2004 Edition

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    Table of Contents

    Section I
    The Advanced Technical Credit Program (ATC)

  • Answers to Common Questions
  • High School Teacher Qualifications, effective March 2004
  • Information Sheet on the ATC Program

    Section II
    How to Use the ATC Articulated Course Crosswalk

  • Index of ATC Articulated WECM Courses
  • ATC Articulated Course Crosswalk
    effective school year 2004-2005
    The ATC Standard Articulation Agreement, revised January 2004

    Section III
    Methods to Earn College Credit in High School

    Section IV
    College Tech Prep Programs and the CBM001 and CBM00T

    Section V
    References and Resources

  • Minimum Standards for the Academic Achievement Record
  • Chapter 74 - High School Graduation Requirements
  • Section V pages 14-16, sample AAR format
    Committee Text: Statewide Articulation Guidelines

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