Important Information for Teachers from the ATC Approval Office:

Introduction and Purpose of the ATC Approval Office

How the ATC Approval Process Works

Things you can do on the ATC Website:
Check your ATC approval certificate
Update your personal information
View general information on the ATC Program

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why can’t I view my ATC approval certificate?
Why is my ATC certificate missing course approvals?
Why can’t I update my personal information?
Why did I get a email requesting more information?
What do I do if I still have questions?

NOTE: Teachers who took training after July 1, 2004 may find that their courses are not yet on their certificate, or that their personal information cannot be found to be updated. The Approval Office’s move to Stephen F. Austin State University during the fall of 2004 caused a backlog of forms. We are entering these forms as quickly as possible, beginning with the oldest applications. When your application is processed you will receive notification by email as to your approval status.