Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program Information


ATC Teacher Eligibility Requirements
ATC Articulated Courses for 2005-2006
ATC Program Course Crosswalk for 2005-2006 (ATC course crosswalk linked to college course outcomes)
Courses removed from ATC Course Crosswalk
PowerPoint presentation for Part I of ATC Training


Introduction to Statewide Articulation
Overview of the Advanced Technical Credit Program
Answers to Common Questions
High Schools: How to Participate in Statewide Articulation
Information for Students Interested in the ATC Program
Guidelines on Articulated Courses and the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP)


Earning College Credit in Texas High Schools (English) (Spanish)
The Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program (English) (Spanish)
INDEX of Earning College Credit in Texas High Schools, – updated August 2004
INDEX College Guide to the Advanced Technical Credit Program, – updated August 2004
INDEX of other brochures, publications, and reports, including selected state agency documents and web sites


Statewide Articulation Professional Development Program
Teacher Eligibility Requirements
Process Overview for Facilitators/Providers
Application for Teacher Eligibility and Verification of Participation Form
Original Committee for the Development of Statewide Articulation Guidelines


Criteria for Award of College Credit Revised July 2004
Evaluating a High School Transcript for Credit Revised July 2004
Sample Student Form — Petition for Award of Articulated College Credit Revised July 2004
List of Colleges Interested in Participating Revised May 3, 2005
Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program and SACS/COC Accreditation Criteria
ATC Standard Articulation Agreement Revised July 2004
ATC – Statewide Articulation Guide


2005-2006 Crosswalk
2005-2006 ATC (Statewide Articulation) Program Crosswalk
List of ATC Statewide-Articulated Courses, 2005-2006

2004-2005 Crosswalk
2004-2005 ATC (Statewide Articulation) Program Crosswalk
List of ATC Statewide-Articulated Courses, 2004-2005

2003-2004 Crosswalk
2003-2004 ATC (Statewide Articulation) Program Crosswalk

2002-2003 Crosswalk
2002-2003 ATC (Statewide Articulation) Program Crosswalk
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Courses Removed from ATC Crosswalks (all years)