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Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program Information
(Statewide Articulation)


  • ATC Teacher Eligibility Requirements
  • ATC Articulated Courses for 2005-2006
  • ATC Program Course Crosswalk for 2005-2006 (ATC course crosswalk linked to college course outcomes)
  • Courses removed from ATC Course Crosswalk
  • PowerPoint presentation for Part I of ATC Training

  • Introduction to Statewide Articulation
  • Overview of the Advanced Technical Credit Program
  • Answers to Common Questions
  • High Schools: How to Participate in Statewide Articulation
  • Information for Students Interested in the ATC Program
  • Guidelines on Articulated Courses and the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP)

  • Earning College Credit in Texas High Schools (English) (Spanish)
  • The Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program (English) (Spanish)
  • INDEX of Earning College Credit in Texas High Schools, - updated August 2004
  • INDEX College Guide to the Advanced Technical Credit Program, - updated August 2004
  • INDEX of other brochures, publications, and reports, including selected state agency documents and web sites

  • Statewide Articulation Professional Development Program
  • Teacher Eligibility Requirements
  • Process Overview for Facilitators/Providers
  • Application for Teacher Eligibility and Verification of Participation Form
  • Original Committee for the Development of Statewide Articulation Guidelines


  • Criteria for Award of College Credit Revised July 2004
  • Evaluating a High School Transcript for Credit Revised July 2004
  • Sample Student Form -- Petition for Award of Articulated College Credit Revised July 2004
  • List of Colleges Interested in Participating Revised May 3, 2005
  • Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program and SACS/COC Accreditation Criteria
  • ATC Standard Articulation Agreement Revised July 2004
  • ATC - Statewide Articulation Guide


    2005-2006 Crosswalk
  • 2005-2006 ATC (Statewide Articulation) Program Crosswalk
  • List of ATC Statewide-Articulated Courses, 2005-2006

    2004-2005 Crosswalk
  • 2004-2005 ATC (Statewide Articulation) Program Crosswalk
  • List of ATC Statewide-Articulated Courses, 2004-2005

    2003-2004 Crosswalk
  • 2003-2004 ATC (Statewide Articulation) Program Crosswalk

    2002-2003 Crosswalk
  • 2002-2003 ATC (Statewide Articulation) Program Crosswalk
  • Click here for Crosswalk corrections (posted 10-23-02)

    Courses Removed from ATC Crosswalks (all years)

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