Advanced Technical Credit (Statewide Articulation) Professional Development Program

Click here for an overview of the professional development process developed to assist approved facilitators develop ATC/statewide articulation professional development activities.

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation for Part I of TEA-required ATC faculty professional development developed to assist approved facilitators provide ATC/statewide articulation professional development activities.

Click here for a PDF version of the form that must be used to document participation in statewide articulation professional development activities.

Supplemental materials (available on this web site) may be used by two-year colleges, regional service centers, and Tech Prep consortia during local, regional or statewide curriculum development, alignment and evaluation activities.

Click here for PEIMS Code Table C022 which lists secondary courses approved for statewide articulation and which require professional development. Refer to the Career and Technology – Tech-Prep section of the table.

In order to facilitate consistent statewide instruction that meets, at a minimum, WECM course content and to promote consistent methods to document WECM-equivalent student competencies, high school faculty teaching ATC statewide-articulated courses must participate in joint staff development activities with college faculty at least once every three years.

Approved Providers (Facilitators)

ATC staff development activities may be facilitated by two-year postsecondary degree-granting institutions, regional education service centers, or regional Tech Prep consortia. Facilitator training will be provided periodically.

Providers are responsible for assuring that required content has been delivered to participants and for documenting attendance of participants.

General Provisions

Staff development must be facilitated by an approved provider.

All high school teachers who are or will be teaching an ATC statewide-articulated course must receive both general instruction in statewide articulation processes (Part 1) and subject-specific instruction (Part 2).

A high school teacher must receive instruction from college faculty for each articulated course they are or will be teaching. Instruction must emphasize how the articulated course content is enhanced beyond other, non-articulated high school courses with the same name.

Each participant must complete a form that verifies their participation and that specifies the courses that have been covered during the staff development. The form also provides information on each teacher for a statewide database.

A Certificate of Eligibility that verifies completion of required staff development activities by eligible teachers is mailed to each participant from the Advanced Technical Credit Program office.

ATC staff development activities must be repeated within three years. High school teachers are encouraged to meet with college faculty annually.

Documentation of Participation

Each staff development provider should pass out a Application for Eligibility form at the beginning of Part 1. The provider name is written at the top of the form.

High school faculty complete the personal information section of the form. Teachers select the courses they are or will be teaching for statewide-articulated college credit and write them in the space provided.

After attending subject-specific curriculum alignment sessions, the college faculty leading the instruction places their initials in the space provided (column on right).

High school teachers return completed forms to the staff development provider.

Provider representative completes the bottom of the form and signs and dates the form.

Providers make a copy of these forms for their records and mail original forms to the Advanced Technical Credit Program office.

Each participant receives in the mail an official Certificate of Eligibility from the Advanced Technical Credit Program office.