Overview of the Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program

The Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program is an advanced placement program for students interested in preparing for college and a technical career that requires postsecondary education.

The program facilitates the use of articulated credit in colleges across the state and streamlines and standardizes the articulation process for students, schools, and colleges. The program consists of three parts.

The Standard Articulation Agreement sets common statewide standards for the award of college credit for selected, content-enhanced high school courses. Any student who successfully completes statewide-articulated secondary courses, graduates from any secondary school in the state, and meets the requirements outlined in the Standard Articulation Agreement, is eligible to receive articulated credit from any participating public two-year college in the state that offers the corresponding college courses.

The Statewide Articulation Crosswalk is a resource for schools and colleges to readily identify high school courses included in the Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program and the college equivalent course(s). The crosswalk is used in conjunction with the Statewide Articulation Guidelines

Finally, State-Approved Staff Development provides information to teachers of articulated courses on the articulation process, content of college-equivalent courses, and expected levels of student performance.

Advantages of Statewide Articulation

  • Provides a common core of articulated courses
  • Provides a statewide standard for awarding college credit
  • Provides a common method to identify articulated courses on high school transcripts
  • Saves valuable resources: time and money