WECM Appendix

CIP Rubric Number Course Title Semester
Credit Hrs
Cont Hrs
Cont Hrs
10.0304 ARTV 1303 Basic Animation 3 48 96
10.0304 ARTV 1403 Basic Animation 4 64 96

Course Level:  Introductory

Course Description:  Examination of concepts, characters, and storyboard for basic animation production. Emphasizes creating movement and expression utilizing traditionally or digitally generated image sequences.

Learning Outcomes:  Demonstrate character generation skills; communicate conceptual ideas through storyboards; execute animation sequences; and develop artwork using traditional or digital tools.

Cross Reference(s):  ARTV 1003: Basic Animation

CIP Code Description:  10.0304  (Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects)

Year:  2006