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CIP Rubric Number Course Name Semester
Credit Hrs
Cont Hrs
Cont Hrs
48.0508 WLDG 1307 Introduction to Welding Using Multiple Processes 3 48 96


CIP Area Code: 48.0508  (Welder/Welding Technologist)
Course Title: Introduction to Welding Using Multiple Processes
Course Level: Introductory
Course Description: An overview of the basic welding processes, including oxy-fuel welding and cutting, shielded metal arc (SMAW), gas metal arc (GMAW), and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).
Learning Outcomes: Set up machines and complete welds and cutting operations involving SMAW, OXY-FUEL, GMAW, GTAW, and resistance spot welding; practice basic shop safety; identify types of electrodes used in welding processes; define various welding and cutting standards; and demonstrate proper joint preparation techniques.

This Course was Previously Listed as:

Course Title Prefix Number Range Course
Basic Welding Processes WLDG 1307
WLDG 1407
48-96 SCH 48.0508