Welcome to the Advanced Technical Credit Part I Online Training Session!

The state approved professional development for the ATC program consists of two training sessions: Part I and Part II.

The Part I training is a general overview of the ATC program and is required of all teachers wishing to be ATC certified. It is now available online only through this website.

The Part II training is for specific course requests. Since the high school teacher must meet with a college instructor for specific course requests the Part II training is completed ONLY in person and in cooperation with an approved ATC facilitator.

For a list of scheduled ATC training sessions see our calendar of future training dates and locations.

The Part I Online Training Session is now available. This session has been revised to reflect the TEKS rewrites from the TEA in2010. All previous Part I sessions with an expiration date of 7/31/2012 are invalid. All teachers wanting ATC approvals for the must have a completed, valid Part I session before attending Part II. Valid Part I sessions have an expiration date of 7/31/2013 or later. Contact the ATC Approval Office if you have any questions concerning the Part I Online Training Session.