ATC Teacher Requirements

ATC Teacher Requirements

The Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program allows high school students to receive credit at participating community colleges across Texas for taking certain enhanced technical courses. For a high school to offer an ATC course to its students, the teachers of those courses must complete the ATC approval process which includes submission of a Teacher Application, completion of Part I and Part II Trainings, and receipt of an official transcript. As part of this approval process, the ATC Program reviews a teacher’s educational and employment credentials against the ATC requirements. Teachers of ATC courses are expected to have the same credentials as their community college counterparts who teach the college-level courses.

Teachers must meet one of the two following requirements to be approved to teach a course for Advanced Technical Credit:

Requirement 1: The teacher must have a baccalaureate degree or higher with a major in the teaching discipline.


Requirement 2: The teacher must have a minimum of an associate degree and 3 years verifiable non-teaching work experience directly related to the teaching discipline.

For proof of their degree, teachers must have official transcripts sent directly to the ATC Program from the college or university. For proof of work experience, teachers will be asked to submit a full work history as part of the Teacher Application which is completed after Part I Training. Non-degreed individuals will not be eligible for ATC approval.

Visit the ATC Approvals page for more information.

ATC Courses with Additional Requirements for Teacher Approval

Certain ATC courses have additional requirements because their equivalent community college courses prepare students for licensure or certification or are subject to accreditation by an external agency.

Courses with additional requirements include: Banking and Financial Systems and Automotive Technology courses. As well as meeting the ATC Teacher Requirements, teachers wishing to be approved to offer the following ATC courses must be able to provide proof that they meet the additional requirements listed below.

Banking and Financial Services
• Thirty-six months finance work experience (requirement of American Bankers Association)

Advanced Automotive Technology
• Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification in:
• Electrical
• Brakes
• Engine Performance
• Steering and Suspension