NEW – all ATC Training is now available online

Note: There are TWO Parts to ATC Training

  1. Take Part I ATC Training

(Please fill out all applicable fields, including work history and degree)

Make sure sealed official transcripts are mailed to the ATC Office.

  1. Take Part II Training (New all Online)

Before you get started, watch this short video about how a module works (This is an example on podcasting):

Step 1

If you haven’t already registered for Part II, register using the link below.
NOTE: There is currently a separate registration for the ATC Part II Training Modules from Part I Training. If you have not registered for Part II, please go to:

The ATC Part II Training Module registration page.

Step 2

Log in to the ATC Online Part 2 Training curriculum here:

Enter ATC Part II Training
(hint: enter your email address in the “Email Id” field)

Step 3

On the left side of the page, you’ll find a list of training modules.

Modules are in alphabetical order by Cluster. Find the training module you would like to complete and click the open button next to it.
[hint: module will open in a new browser window/tab]

To receive approval for each module you must
pass the quiz AND answer all evaluation
questions/statements. When you reach the
“Questions?” slide, you’re done.

      Close the curriculum page if you’d like to take another module

[Hint: there will be a green check once the course is completed]


Please check back for your approval approximately 30 days after completing all parts of training and submission of your transcript.

Your application cannot be processed until Parts I and II are competed and the ATC Office has a copy of your official transcript.

Question related to course content please contact [email protected]

Technical Questions please contact [email protected]

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