ATC Approvals Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ATC approval process work?

  1. RECEIVE APPLICATION:  We receive your application from your training provider.
  2. VERIFY PART I & II TRAINING:  We verify that you have completed both Part I and Part II training.  Both trainings must be current (done within the past 3 years) for you to be eligible for approval.
  3. VERIFY TEACHER ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:  We verify that you meet all the requirements for each course for which you took Part II training (also see FAQ – ATC Teacher Requirements Questions for more information). Sometimes we must ask for additional documentation before we can approve an application. We will request this information by email to the address listed on the application.
    1. TEACHER MEETS REQUIREMENTS:  If you meet all the requirements for a course, the course approval appears on your ATC approval list along with an expiration date for the approval (course approvals are good for 3 years).  You should receive an email message letting you know that approvals have been added to your certificate.
    2. TEACHER DOESN’T MEET REQUIREMENTS:  If the information provided on your application shows that you do not meet the requirements for a course you will be sent a notification letter.  The letter will list the unapproved courses and explain why you were not approved.