ATC Approvals Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become ATC approved or get ATC approved again?

Make sure you meet the ATC Teacher Requirements. You will be subject to the current requirements every time you take training (even if you have been approved before). If you have questions about the ATC Teacher Requirements, view the Frequently Asked Questions.
Take Part I ATC training (a general overview of the ATC Program). If you have taken Part I ATC training within the past 3 years, you do not need to retake it.
Take Part II ATC training, where you meet with a college instructor and discuss the content of the ATC course.
Your Part I and Part II training forms will then be sent to the ATC Approval Office. Once the ATC Approval Office has verified that you meet all the requirements, your ATC approval list will be made available on this website.

Local ATC training sessions are held all year long throughout Texas. There are also state-wide training sessions held at the spring P-16 conference as well as at the Texas Education Agency’s teaching conferences in the summer. Here’s how to find out about ATC training sessions:

Ask your school’s or district’s Career and Technology Education (CTE) Director.
Ask your local Tech-Prep Consortium if they will be holding ATC training.
View the ATC Training Calendar.
Ask Athena Friday-Black ([email protected]), the ATC training facilitator.