ATC Website Questions

Why can’t I view my ATC approvals?
Why is my ATC approval list missing specific courses?
Why can’t I update my personal information?
What is the ATC Program?
What do I do if I have questions?

ATC Approval Questions

Does not being approved mean that I can’t teach this course at all?
Is ATC approval the same as state teacher certification?
How does the ATC approval process work?
Why did I get an email requesting more information before I could be approved?
I got an letter saying that I was not approved. What does this mean?
How do I become ATC approved or get ATC approved again?

ATC Teacher Requirements Questions

What are the requirements? Do I meet the requirements?
I think that I meet the requirements, but I wasn’t ATC approved.
Why does the ATC Program have requirements?
Why do some courses have additional requirements?
Why is the ATC program requiring official transcripts?