ATC Approvals Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements? Do I meet the requirements?

Basically, teachers must meet one of the two following requirements to qualify to teach an ATC course:

Requirement 1: The teacher must have a minimum of a bachelors degree in the teaching discipline OR
Requirement 2: The teacher must have a minimum of an associates degree and 3 years verifiable non-teaching work experience directly related to the teaching discipline.

What is “the teaching discipline?” The teaching discipline is the subject area for the ATC course you wish to teach. For example, the teaching discipline for “Marketing Dynamics ” would be marketing; the teaching discipline for “Introduction to Computer Maintenance” would be information technology.

Some ATC courses have additional requirements, and the ATC Approval office may require you to submit proof that you meet the requirements. For more information please view the full description of the requirements.

Click here for some examples of teachers who would or would not meet the requirements.

Use the “Do I Meet the Requirements?” Tool to help you decide.