Why can’t I view my ATC approvals?

Here are some possible reasons why you can’t view your ATC approval list:

We do not have your correct last name. If your last name has changed since your last ATC training session, try using your former last name. If this is the case, please notify us of your new last name.
The original name or the login is not using a name that starts with a capital letter. Try inputting your name lower case and then correct it if that works.
You may be using the wrong password. Please request a new password from the [email protected] so your password can be reset.
It may be that you did not complete Part I online and complete that application. Please re-enter Part I and check the status. If necessary, you may complete Part I and submit if it had not been fully completed.

Your Part II ATC application review may not be completed. If there are any questions, it may take longer after your training session before your course approvals are posted to your approval list. Especially near the beginning of the school year, there may be a delay due to the volume of requests. When your application has been fully processed you should receive an email notification. Allow about 30 days for approval.