Why can’t I login the the Part II training?

  • Here are some possible reasons:

The Part II  training requires the use of Flash, which is not supported by several Apple products including iPhones and iPads.   It will require the use of another type of device. 

Part II training requires a separate registration from Part I.   Please make  sure you have registered at http://connect.txpod.org/e6erdaaet6r/event/registration.html and use the email and passwords set up at that  site before you enter the Part II training.

If you trying to access Part II from school, the Part II training website may be blocked by you school’s firewall.  Ask your IT department to to open access for ports:  4503 and 4502  to allow http://connect.txpod.org.  That should allow you access.

For other technical questions please contact [email protected]