Why can’t I update my personal information?

Here are some possible reasons why you can’t update your personal information:

  • Your ATC application has not been processed.  It may be a few months after your training session before your course approvals are posted to your certificate.  When your application has been processed you should receive an email notification.
  • You entered your Social Security Number (SSN) incorrectly.  The SSN must be entered WITH dashes like this: 555-55-5555.  Please check that you entered the SSN correctly.
  • Make sure you are entering your first and last name in the correct boxes.
  • You did not provide our office with your SSN.  Try using your date-of-birth and last name (no SSN). If you are still unable to view your ATC approvals with this method, please contact our office so we can fix this problem.
  • We do not have your correct last name.  If your last name has changed since your last ATC training session, try using your former last name.  If this is the case, please notify us of your new last name.
  • There is a problem with your first name.  We enter your first name as it is given on your application – this might not be the first name you usually use.  Try entering an alternate first name, or just entering the first letter of the name.