High School Participation

How High Schools Can Participate in the ATC Program

Select a course, or series of courses, from the list of statewide-articulated courses in the ATC Course Crosswalk.
Course must be enhanced to meet College Course Outcomes (see ATC Course Crosswalk).
Course content must either exceed the high school TEKS or address the TEKS with greater depth.
Use the correct PEIMS course number and abbreviation for students taking ATC courses as listed on the ATC Crosswalk. For the correct PEIMS information, please see:
PEIMS code table C022 or see the ATC Course Crosswalk.

Use the special explanation course code “A” on the high school transcript.

The “A” code indicates only that a course is eligible for local or statewide articulation.
The “A” code must be used for every student enrolled in the articulated course even if the student does not successfully complete the course.
For more information, see Academic Achievement Record Standards on TEA’s website.

Assign a teacher to the articulation course section who is currently ATC-approved for that articulated course. To be ATC-approved for a course, the teacher must:
Meet the ATC Teacher Requirements for the course.
Take the ATC Training for the course.

Advise students of options available for articulated credit.