Part 2: How to Get Started

To get started, ask your counselor if your high school offers ATC courses.  If they do, select ATC courses that will apply towards the college major you are interested in as part of you high school graduation plan.  If you take the ATC course as a junior or senior and earn a grade of 80 (3.0) or better, the ATC course may also be counted as a performance acknowledgement on a student’s diploma and transcript.

To qualify for college credit through the ATC Program, you will need to do the following while in high school:

  • Enroll in an ATC course in high school.
    • Courses on your high school transcript should be noted with the letter A.
  • Complete the course as a junior or senior with a minimum grade of 80 (B or better) OR
  • Freshmen and sophomores must take additional ATC courses in the same field as a junior or senior to qualify for college credit.
  • If there are prerequisites for the ATC course, you must make a minimum grade of 80 in each required course.