Part 3: How to Receive Your College Credit

To receive college credit for the ATC courses you took during high school you need to do the following:

  • Enroll in a participating college within 15 months of graduation.
  • Take a copy of your high school transcript to the college when you enroll and tell the college admissions staff that you took high school courses that may count for college credit.  You should then complete a petition for credit form.
  • Ask the college staff to help you identify the college courses that are equivalent to the ATC courses you took in high school.  The college can only award you credit for courses that they offer.
  • Select a college technical certificate or degree plan that includes one or more of those courses.
  • Some colleges may delay the awarding of your credit until you have completed six hours of college credit – check with the college to see what is required.  AP and/or CLEP tests may apply towards the six required hours.
  • You will not be charged tuition and fees to receive this credit; however, the college may charge you a small administrative fee to post the credit to your transcript.
  • Finally, check with the college registrar to make sure your credit is posted to your college transcript.